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Can Women date like Men?

Ok, so SJP covered this somewhat in the whatever year that SITC was on. Literally just found the DVD boxset in my cupboard. But what about in the 2018+ years. So, its totally wonderful for people who are in fabulous relationships, long term, getting married, married, kids etc. Thats super and I am genuinely really… Read More Can Women date like Men?

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Out of Place….?

Have you ever felt completely out of place? I have. I do. Some days more than others. Some days not at all. Its a weird one isn’t it. There are whole host of reasons you might feel out of place. (or in this lists case – why I feel) Nothing in common Don’t find the… Read More Out of Place….?

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SW Week 2! Hmmmmmm….

Week 2 Roundup. Week two, -1lb. A loss at least. I spent most of the week feeling a bit rubbish. I had these pains in my tummy that felt like someone was twisting it inside out. Following nausea feelings and then dizzy & faint spells. It wasn’t great. In fact i felt pretty rubbish. I… Read More SW Week 2! Hmmmmmm….