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Will (not) Power

Do you not find it strange how you can be stubborn as a bloody great big ox about some things, then weak as a mouse in front of (vegan) cheese another?? So, i’ve been Plant Based (yes, basically vegan, but food based, not total life overhaul – lets do these in baby steps) for 2 whole months now. Have i been to the gym in that time? Have I fuck. Ive looked at the membership card in my purse and paid the Β£50 a month membership. Ive even driven past it. But no, ive not been in.

Have I lost weight in the last 2 months. You know whats coming, right…. Have I fuck. I have replaced chocolate with vegan chocolate. I have replaced junk food with vegan junk food. I havent mastered the nourishing of ones body. I think im the only person in the world who has ‘gone vegan’ and not lost a bloody lb.

So it is time to re-group, stop the moaning (how many times have I said that) and plan some things again. Last night I spent the evening drawing, just playing around with a pad and pencil, trying out some lettering, and it was totally relaxing and lovely. I did this while eating bread. Obvs. While eating the bread I was thinking to myself, should I get my fat ass (really fat at the moment) off the sofa and go back to Fat Club, sorry, Slimming World.

Id stopped writing this post and saved it. Now im sat here eating Vegan Ben & Jerrys. More on the will power – not had a cigarette since Saturday. A customer at the pub gave me a Juul Vape and i love it. Not looked back since. Not gone this long for as long as I can remember not having a cigarette. Still not been to the gym. So thats basically where I am. I have the will power to stay Vegan. The will power to have stopped (so far so good) smoking, but no will power to stop over eating and get back on the wagon.

Send Help.

Kisses. J x