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Vegan Lifestyle Changes.

So, I have done a full month now. I didn’t want to harp on before seeing if it was a change to my lifestyle that I could actually do. And you know what, im really enjoying it. I have made some really great changes to the way I eat, but ive also found that i’ve eaten more of things I normally wouldn’t, so now Month 2 is upon me, im going to try to get back to a more sensible way of eating.

Is life Better Vegan?

Who knows, but right now i’m feeling pretty darn good. (apart from the website update which I cant get my head around…..)
It all started quite suddenly. I tried Veggie January, and really struggled. I couldn’t do it at all. I really couldnt. Then id had a chat with a friend and everything changed. Something just sort of clicked. I got home and did some research and watched a couple of programmes and it was like, no, this is definitely a good choice for me. That evening I threw everything away and couldnt stomach the idea of eating meat or dairy products. When I get a bit of a craving (35 years eating meat and loving cheese doesnt just mean it vanishes overnight I can assure you….) i just think about the reasons why ive chosen to eat this way.

What am I eating?

Well, isnt that a jolly good question. Turns out that I bloody LOVE oat milk, so thats one thing sorted. I started out changing the milk and butter options, then grabbed a few Vegan ready made meals (M&S Plant Based is super) and to be honest just wanted to see how I got on with those….

Bundobust Leeds – Vegan Menu

The selection of Vegan food when eating out is so much better than ever before. I think that there are so many more people eating Vegan for whatever reason that they chose (apart from my local pub where there is only 2 choices and they didnt have one of them the other night!) But i do wish that people realised that there is SO MUCH MORE than just Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash that Vegans can eat, and we dont always want a bloody curry!

Ive also been embracing the vegan baking so will share some recipes with you in the very near future!

The thing that I need to do now is nail some great recipes to make and get back into cooking properly again (not that I havent been, but not like I used to…. So, if you have any amazing recipes, you let me know!

Kisses, J xxx