Life Update.

Not a huge amount to report but thought id just write a bit! Vegan life is still going well! Im loving the cooking. Ive just made 2 banana cakes and 2 lemon cakes are in the oven right now. All Vegan. Loving it. Food wise I am still trying to increase what I am making, be a bit more adventurous. I obvs want to lose 40lbs still. Yeh, lets just focus on one thing at a time. I know I need to. I know ive put some timber on and that I need to focus on the health side of me, but my head just aint in it right now. I need to plan more. I have such good will power about things, and such crappy will power about other things! Nightmare situation.

All the Cake Baking

Banana Cake

BI used a double recipe as such. I have basically found a couple of recipes I love and added and changed them a bit. Like adding some sultanas, some oats and a sugar crust on the banana cake for a bit of a crunch. Anyway, they are a winner as i’ve been baking them for everyone! (Mainly MLB) But she loves them and so does everyone else, so thats all good by me. Plus, its her baby craving as she keeps telling me! Plus, work people love it, parents love it, and I love it. Clearly, I didnt get this figure thanks to salad!

Packing Hell

A poor suitcase packing job can mess up your vacation. Personal stylists and professional organizers share their tips for a smartly filled suitcase.
Literally my life this evening….

This is my life right now. Im going to Devon for a week and I am in the turmoil of what to take. Will it rain – most likely. Do I pack jumpers – for sure. Should I take some shorts – yeh, off chance it might be sunny for 30 mins. Ive been going all my life so TBH i really should know that whatever I pack will be wrong!

Obviously I have some shorts that ‘I will fit in by the summer’ – quote Jodie Beer, 2014. They are still in the cupboard with the tags on, so i’ve obvs bought myself some ones for my slightly too curvy figure! (Again, im totally going to be in the 2014 jean shorts by summer 2019…. well, maybe.) So I have packed everything. For every occasion and weather situation. I forgot to put socks in thought so just had to release the pressure and shove some socks in to then squeeze it shut again and hope for the best! Its going to rain all week. I know it. I would be better packing a onesie.

On the Sea.

I havent actually boarded on the sea before, only lakes. So this could be interesting! I will make sure I take plenty of pictures – haha. Packing the GoPro right now….. (come back to writing now, this has reminded me to go get said GoPro). I imagine a lot of time will be spent in the water rather than on it! I have even got my Dad PJB to pack his wetsuit too. Hes a water baby too, loves to Scuba so this should be easy for him. Well the swimming bit will be… the balancing, who knows.

I cant wait to get on the ocean. My wetsuit is packed and the excitement for paddle boarding again is making the 5 hour drive that is looming seem exciting. And the fact I need to buy some new board shoes – any excuse for shoe shopping works for me!
I can’t explain the therapeutic feeling of being on the water. Nothing but the horizon in your thoughts. Not a care or worry in the world. Its the most peaceful and relaxing environment, well, until you fall in, but its so worth it. If you are Yorkshire Based and fancy giving it a go, here is where I learned at Lake District Paddle Boarding. Give them a go! They are great!

Anyways, until later,

Kisses, J xxx