Its has been a while….

Yo, Holla, Hi, Hello.
Sorry. Its been a busy time. I guess I just haven’t felt ive had anything interesting to share for a while. But this weekend seemed like a good time to write, so here goes.
So, Whats been going on. Not a huge amount, nothing of great importance I must admit!


I have been hen-doing in Portugal the other weekend. It was wonderful to get away and spend some time with the girls and my besty LJ. The weather was beautiful and some how I felt like id been away for a week…. The area was gorgeous, the pool gorgeous and the beach even more so. Until a massive wave wiped us out and alllllll the boobs were out for the world to see! Lucky Portugal. Ha.

Ive been back at SW too. Although not massively successfully. Ive felt a little pre-occupied with life as such. Ive not said no to any social event, any food and certainly not any tequila. Back there this week, ive had 2 weigh ins missed through being ill and being away last week, so back to face the scales of doom tonight. I shall update my insta to reflect what I imagine will be a huge gain. Again. Whoops. I have 11 weeks until LJs wedding, so thats 11 more weigh ins. Id just like a stone by then and ill be very happy. I can totally do that – just need to stop the excuses and (yet again) have another word with myself!

Hangover life was strong on Saturday after it appeared to be a good idea to have a shot of tequila with every glass of prosecco. Shameful. Shameful Beer. What can I say, I love tequila.

You would never guess… but….

Last week I was paddle boarding in the Lakes. I’m not going to say too much as i’m going to more than likely scribble some words down about that at another time. But all I can say is that it was genuinely the best day ive had this year. It was amazing. Ive never felt so calm and at one with life in general. Its been a long time since ive felt like that. I thoroughly advise anyone to just go try things, you may find new loves. I have.

Nothing to report on the love side of JLB life. In fact its pretty bleak out there! Girls (and boys) you know what im saying, right?!

Anyway, the good thing is that im still alive. The bad bit is this is all I have to say at the moment. So, until later its toodles from me.

Kisses, J xxx