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Hello 2019…

Hello 2019.

Thank god you’re here.
Im bloody glad to see you.
And I, for one, am really glad to see the back of 2018!

Anyone else feel like that?

2018 has been a little bit more of a challenge than I would have like it to have been. Starting the year with a break up, moving back in with my parents while I served notice to my tenants, having to start my flat all over again (after thinking possibly that I wouldn’t live there again, was quite a lot to take on) a job I loved but with a boss who was unbearable, leaving that job, getting a new one that I love more than I thought I could, a part time job in a pub with some wonderful humans. Seeing friends have babies and get married, yet, here I am, 1st January, on my tod. Just like last year.

Its a strange feeling, but as a friend said to me last night, better to be on your own than with the wrong person! Too true. Hurrah for friends’ words of wisdom! Although, im actually happy its just me. As much as id love to be all smug happy and married with a baby, the time has just never been right, and I will never ever say that I settled. Im proud of that. Being the only single in my friendship group, it is weird, sometimes its like im a foreign object, but ive come to realise im fine with that. There is nothing wrong with me, well, nothing seriously wrong, but to be honest, last year the want to be with someone just wasnt there, well, apart from those 2 months in the summer, but hey, that didnt work out and tbh totally put me off dating for the rest of the year!

New Year, New Me – bollocks to that.

I think I have proclaimed that for the last god knows how many years, so this year, no thanks.

This year im going to be exactly the same person I was in 2018, but way better. Way more focused, way more about me, way more time spent with my friends, god children and extended family etc. More trips, more exciting things. Less ‘Stuff’, more ‘Experiences’. Who’s with me?

I haven’t set any new years resolutions, lets be honest, they are a crock of shit that we break by the first weekend after new year, then feel bad about for the next 51 weeks until we make them again and they cycle starts again…. Obviously other than to lose 4 stone, save a load of money, go on holiday, stop buying clothes etc etc… relate???

Ive decided instead to do more for me.

I want to get back to how healthy I was feeling, so I want to re-join SW – and I am doing on Thursday evening. I want to swim more, so I am going to. I want to sleep better, so I am leaving my phone in another room. I want to do Dry January, so ive given up the booze. I want to go back to Pole Classes, so I am, but as a reward for

when I get to a weight bracket (Im rewarding myself in good ways!)

Im also joining in the vege january – vege not vegan thought, im not ready for that im afraid!!! But hoping to kick start the SW weight loss with the lack of booze and meat might just help me!
Ive booked some classes for later in the week and the weekend, I need and want to use the membership that im paying for! (Anyone in Leeds want to come to Virgin Active with me, holla!)

2018 is gone, so I cant keep focusing on everything that went wrong. How it made me feel and how I feel it broke me a little, or a lot. All any of us can do, is focus on what is in front, not behind, because, that isn’t the way that we are going.

Kisses, J xx