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Body Image? Is it all in our Head…?

Love Island.

I love it. I cant lie. Ive never watched it until this season. I watched it because in previous years LJ and LE have discussed it at length and tbh I havent had a clue what they are talking about, so this year I embraced the Sunny Villa.

They girls and boys in the Villa were nothing but astonishingly good looking. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t fancy many of the boys (bit wimpy for me) but I can totally appreciate why many of us girls swooned over the boys, and you boys loved the ladies. But how does it make someone feel watching it?


Did you, like me, look at the wonderful bodies, faces and hair on those ladies and think ‘God they look good’ or ‘theres not a lump and bump between them’ I know I did.

Its so hard nowadays, with all the social media and TV that we are subjected to, to not compare ourselves. There was not a girl in there over a size, what, maybe 10? Isnt the UK average a 16? How is this a realistic Villa of people. Maybe though, if the girls were less perfect and more normal it just wouldnt make such great viewing and wouldnt pull in the ratings that it did. The people on it wouldnt all now have blue ticks next to their name on Instagram with 10’s of thousands of followers, anticipating their next move.

I am by no way body shaming in any way. The girls and guys looked amazing, but I just really feel, looking back, that its such a shame that a wider variety of body shapes, heights and weights weren’t represented, because, you know, us size 14s are allowed to be in love, be appreciated, and get an amazing 6 week sunbathe in to top it off.

It also quite possibly could even improve their ratings as such a wider variety of people would be invested in the show, because it really is more realistic! There is nothing written in stone that only the 6 pack hunks like Adam and Josh wouldnt like a girl with some curves. There is also nothing saying that all women want a chiselled 6 pack. Give me a dad bod with a hairy manly chest any day… I personally find it way more attractive.

I could imagine young women and girls watching LI and comparing themselves. We have been watching for 6 hours a week religiously, a show where they are not allowed to wear anything but swimwear through the days, then have the pick of a fashion retailer sponsor so never wear the same thing twice. Its hard not to compare. Dont you think?

Its hard, knowing that I personally am on my Slimming World journey for the 2nd time around, knowing that I would like to be slimmer. I dont want to be thin though, I want to feel physically fitter and healthier. Less fluffy and more able to enjoy doing things I want to. (I want to be able to leap onto a surf board not board it like a lion seal reaching the stones at the side of the ocean, and climb a pole more elegantly, less like im having a seizure… you get the idea)

Compare yourself to who?

I have always compared myself to others, and always will. (stupid really thinking about it, as there is only me, and there is only one of me – how can I be someone else???)

Its just something I do. A friend once said to me that she thought I wouldn’t be happier even if I was slimmer. Its nothing to do with your body, but all about your mind. Hard to get my head round, but I sort of think that its true.

There are always going to be people who are thinner, longer hair, bigger boobs, taller, shorter, hunkier, fitter, curvier, smaller boobs, the list is completely endless. But, in this day and age, should we be able to watch programmes with a more varied character selection to show the younger generations that its totally fine to have some curves in all the right places and rock your body, its the only home you will truly own. We need to be positive about the amazing things that our bodies can do for us, and encourage girls to be strong, inside out.

Body Confidence is hard to get, hard to appreciate, but girls, we have to try our hardest.

Kisses, J xxx