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Will (not) Power

Do you not find it strange how you can be stubborn as a bloody great big ox about some things, then weak as a mouse in front of (vegan) cheese another?? So, i’ve been Plant Based (yes, basically vegan, but food based, not total life overhaul – lets do these in baby steps) for 2… Read More Will (not) Power

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Why am I blogging?

Im not sure why im Blogging. Blogging. I sometimes think I started a blog just because I like to have a rant and at first I didn’t want to rant at my friends about everything I was feeling after 2017 etc. I didn’t want them to have to listen to me going on about things.… Read More Why am I blogging?

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Travelling Miss Beer…

Travelling. The bane of my existence. So, when I started my job I loved it. I still do. Its the travelling I can no longer cope with. On Friday I spent 5 hours travelling across the country with a suitcase, handbag and laptop rucksack. I could barely lift the suitcase. I carried it up and… Read More Travelling Miss Beer…

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Time to Take Care?

How often do you take care of Yourself? Sounds mental doesnt it. We spend ages taking care of others (well, I do). Worrying about work, worrying about my friends, family, can I do this, can I do that, have I got time to help that person doing that thing? I can’t remember the last time… Read More Time to Take Care?


My Home…. The Beginning.

I LOVE my home. It’s taken some time, I’ve had it about 8 years now and moved back in, March 2018, after having to serve notice on my lovely tenants – after a relationship ended I needed it back! Hello Redecorating and furnishing….! Here I’ll show you some of the ‘looks’ I’ve gone for and… Read More My Home…. The Beginning.