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2019. So far so good?

Ah, 2019. August 2019 in fact. What have we learned so far? Well, Boris is in, Theresa is out. Its been really hot. Its also been really rainy. Thats about it. Literally all ive learned so far. Ish. 2019 hasnt really gone the way I hoped it would when it started. But saying that, neither… Read More 2019. So far so good?


Club Single?

Is it a case of you either Thrive or you just die into insignificance? Its a strange one isnt it. I was just thinking about how you are either completely thriving at life one day, then the next you can be dying into the sofa at home, huddled under a blanket feeling completely miserable and… Read More Club Single?


Life Update.

Not a huge amount to report but thought id just write a bit! Vegan life is still going well! Im loving the cooking. Ive just made 2 banana cakes and 2 lemon cakes are in the oven right now. All Vegan. Loving it. Food wise I am still trying to increase what I am making,… Read More Life Update.

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Will (not) Power

Do you not find it strange how you can be stubborn as a bloody great big ox about some things, then weak as a mouse in front of (vegan) cheese another?? So, i’ve been Plant Based (yes, basically vegan, but food based, not total life overhaul – lets do these in baby steps) for 2… Read More Will (not) Power

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Hello 2019…

Hello 2019. Thank god you’re here. Im bloody glad to see you. And I, for one, am really glad to see the back of 2018! Anyone else feel like that? 2018 has been a little bit more of a challenge than I would have like it to have been. Starting the year with a break… Read More Hello 2019…